2022                        The Danish Arts Foundation, Support for exhibition-project
2018                        Theodor Alfred Christian Von Irgens-Bergh’s artist grant
2017                        Sculptor, professor Gottfred Eickhoff Grant
2014                        The Academy Councils Foundation
2013                        Danish Arts Council, Support for exhibition-project
2007                        The Danish Arts foundation, working  grant
2007                        Solicitor Rigenstrups grant for young painters
2006                        The Danish Arts foundation, working grant
2006                        Jyllandspostens residency in Berlin
2005                        The Danish Arts foundation, Travel grant
2003                        New Carlsberg Foundation, travel grant
2002                        New Carlsberg Foundation, travel grant
1999                        Former businessman Emmerich Jacob Müllers grant, 1999-2001

2007                        Don’t believe the hype Traneudstillingen, Exhibition awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation
2005                        Cruise Control (Paint Over), Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg, awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation

Esbjerg Kunstmuseum
New Carlsberg Foundation
Aarhus University hospital
PFA Pension

2023                Match Ted Larsen (US), Troels Aagaard(DK), Esbjerg Museum of Art, Esbjerg, DK
                Construction Time Again Astrid Marie Christiansen, Ted Larsen (US), Troels Aagaard, Galerie MøllerWitt, København, DK
2011                Standing on the never never Torben Giehler(D), Karsten Konrad(D) Troels Aagaard, Galerie MøllerWitt, Aarhus
2008                Teaching an old dog new tricks Dan Hays(UK), Ian Monroe(US), Brian Alfred(US), Torben Giehler(D), Anja Schwörer(D), Terry Haggery(UK), Troels Aagaard &    more, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen
2006                 This is Nowhere Kristofer Hultenberg(S), Jacob Noel, Emil Salto, Mikkel Niemann, Troels Aagaard, Weinberger Contemporary, Copenhagen